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Stunning Animal Wallpaper Murals to Bring Nature Indoors

Embrace the magnificence of nature and the animal kingdom with our stunning collection of Animals Wallpaper Murals for Walls. This category is curated to inspire you with a myriad of creatures from the four corners of our planet. Bring the jungle to your living room, make the wilderness your study's backdrop, or invite the Fish and marine life into your bathroom. These murals are a testament to the beautiful diversity of our world, delivering a touch of whimsy, fascination, and natural allure to your living or working spaces.


Category Overview

Our Animals Wallpaper Murals category encompasses an extensive range of animals from every habitat you can think of. These murals are designed to transform any room into an exotic and captivating setting. From domesticated pets to majestic wild beasts, and marine creatures to enchanting birds, you'll find every type of animal represented here in high-quality, vibrant murals.


Jungle Animals: Experience the thrill of the jungle without leaving your home with our jungle animals’ wallpapers. These murals will let you enjoy the company of lions, tigers, monkeys, and many other jungle inhabitants.

Domestic Animals: Love dogs, cats, or farm animals? We have an incredible variety of domestic animals wallpapers that will add warmth and charm to any room.

Wild Animals: Lions, elephants, giraffes, zebras, and more! The Wild Animals collection brings the savannah and wilderness to your spaces, creating a strong, adventurous atmosphere.

Marine Life: Bring the serenity and mystique of underwater life to your home with marine wallpapers featuring dolphins, whales, fish, and other aquatic creatures.

Birds: Explore the grace and beauty of our feathered friends. Our bird-themed wallpapers feature all sorts of species, from parrots to peacocks, sparrows to eagles.

Insects and Reptiles: If you have a fascination for the small and slimy or creepy and crawly, this collection has murals featuring a variety of insects and reptiles.


Why Choose Our Animal Wallpaper Murals?

Our animal wallpaper murals aren't just about aesthetic appeal. They are about bringing a sense of the natural world into your interior spaces, fostering a connection with nature, and adding a unique, personal touch to your decor. These murals:

  • Are made with high-quality, durable materials designed to stand up to wear and tear.
  • Feature stunning, high-resolution images that bring the beauty of the animal kingdom to life.
  • Are easy to install with comprehensive, step-by-step instructions.
  • Can be custom sized to perfectly fit your walls.

Browse our Animals Peel and Stick Wallpaper category to find the perfect mural for your space. With such a wide array of animal-themed options, there's something here for everyone who appreciates the beauty and diversity of the natural world.




Q1: What is an animal wallpaper mural?

A1: An animal wallpaper mural is a large, printed decoration or artwork applied directly to a wall. These murals often depict various types of animals, from domestic pets like cats and dogs to wild creatures like lions, eagles, or elephants. They can add an exciting, dynamic, and unique aspect to any room.


Q2: How do I install an animal wallpaper mural?

A2: Installation typically involves applying adhesive to the back of the mural or to the wall, then pressing the mural onto the wall. However, the exact method may vary depending on the type of mural you've purchased. Always refer to the instructions provided by the manufacturer for the best results.


Q3: Can I install a mural on any wall?

A3: Ideally, murals should be installed on smooth, clean, and primed walls to ensure proper adhesion. Textured, damp, or dirty surfaces may impact the appearance and longevity of the mural.


Q4: Are animal wallpaper murals safe for kids' rooms?

A4: Absolutely. Many wallpaper manufacturers use non-toxic, eco-friendly materials and inks to create their murals. However, you should always check the product description or ask the retailer to ensure the product is safe for use around children.


Q5: Are these murals removable?

A5: Many animal wallpaper murals are designed to be removable, causing minimal damage to your walls upon removal. Be sure to check this feature with the retailer before purchasing.


Q6: Can I customize an animal wallpaper mural?

A6: Some retailers and manufacturers offer customizable options such as selecting specific dimensions, choosing among different animals, or even incorporating personal photos. Please inquire with the individual retailer about these possibilities.


Q7: How long do these murals last?

A7: The lifespan of a mural depends on various factors like the quality of the mural itself, the conditions of the room, and how well it's maintained. Generally, a well-cared-for mural can last for many years.

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  1. Tropical Wildlife Kids Wallpaper Mural
    Tropical Wildlife Kids Wallpaper Mural
  2. Beige Jungle Wallpaper Mural
    Beige Jungle Wallpaper Mural
  3. Grey Tropical Rainforest Leopard Wallpaper
    Grey Tropical Rainforest Leopard Wallpaper
  4. Monochrome Tropical Jungle Wallpaper
    Monochrome Tropical Jungle Wallpaper
  5. Green Jungle Leopard Wallpaper
    Green Jungle Leopard Wallpaper
  6. Playful Animal Nursery Wallpaper
    Playful Animal Nursery Wallpaper
  7. Grey Jungle Leopard Wallpaper Mural
    Grey Jungle Leopard Wallpaper Mural
  8. Kids Dinosaur Scene Wallpaper Mural
    Kids Dinosaur Scene Wallpaper Mural
  9. Kids Woodland Friends Wall Mural
    Kids Woodland Friends Wall Mural
  10. Kids Dinosaur Wallpaper Mural
    Kids Dinosaur Wallpaper Mural
  11. Kids Jungle Animal Wallpaper Mural
    Kids Jungle Animal Wallpaper Mural
  12. Joyful Monkey Nursery Wallpaper
    Joyful Monkey Nursery Wallpaper
  13. Desert Adventure Kids Wallpaper
    Desert Adventure Kids Wallpaper
  14. Fairy Forest Kids Wallpaper
    Fairy Forest Kids Wallpaper
  15. Vintage Elephant Wallpaper Mural
    Vintage Elephant Wallpaper Mural
  16. Jurassic Jungle Adventure Mural
    Jurassic Jungle Adventure Mural
  17. Tropical Wildlife Wall Mural
    Tropical Wildlife Wall Mural
  18. Hidden Jungle Cat Mural
    Hidden Jungle Cat Mural
  19. Forest Fables Wall Mural
    Forest Fables Wall Mural
  20. Ancient Adventures Wall Mural
    Ancient Adventures Wall Mural
  21. Animal Adventure Day Kids Wall Mural
    Animal Adventure Day Kids Wall Mural
  22. Frolic Forest Fables Mural
    Frolic Forest Fables Mural
  23. Cloud-Hopping Critters Mural
    Cloud-Hopping Critters Mural
  24. Tiny Saurus Wall Mural
    Tiny Saurus Wall Mural
  25. Mystical Forest Scene Wall Mural
    Mystical Forest Scene Wall Mural
  26. Enchanted Forest Red Panda Mural
    Enchanted Forest Red Panda Mural
  27. Jungle Jamboree Wall Mural
    Jungle Jamboree Wall Mural
  28. Pastoral Pony Playland Wall Mural
    Pastoral Pony Playland Wall Mural
  29. Enchanted Forest Fauna Mural
    Enchanted Forest Fauna Mural
  30. Butterfly Garden Wall Mural
    Butterfly Garden Wall Mural
  31. Aussie Fauna Fantasy Mural
    Aussie Fauna Fantasy Mural
  32. Whimsical Wildlife Concert Wallpaper
    Whimsical Wildlife Concert Wallpaper
  33. Safari Balloon Fiesta Fresco Mural
    Safari Balloon Fiesta Fresco Mural
  34. Peaceful Pines Creature Mural
    Peaceful Pines Creature Mural
  35. Critter Classroom Wall Mural
    Critter Classroom Wall Mural
  36. Tropical Mirage Fauna Mural
    Tropical Mirage Fauna Mural
  37. Whimsical Wildlife Wallpaper Mural
    Whimsical Wildlife Wallpaper Mural
  38. Mythical Creatures Arbor Wallpaper
    Mythical Creatures Arbor Wallpaper
  39. Bucolic Bliss Wallpaper Mural
    Bucolic Bliss Wallpaper Mural
  40. Safari Whispers Wall Mural
    Safari Whispers Wall Mural
  41. Savannah Summit Wildlife Mural
    Savannah Summit Wildlife Mural
  42. Baby Elephant Sky Adventure Mural
    Baby Elephant Sky Adventure Mural
  43. Storybook Wildlife Wall Mural
    Storybook Wildlife Wall Mural
  44. Fluffy Fiesta Llama Mural
    Fluffy Fiesta Llama Mural
  45. Animal Adventure Atlas Mural
    Animal Adventure Atlas Mural
  46. Fairy Tale Critter Countryside Mural
    Fairy Tale Critter Countryside Mural
  47. Cute Cartoon Sloth Mural
    Cute Cartoon Sloth Mural
  48. Swinging Monkey Wall Mural
    Swinging Monkey Wall Mural
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